OBAMA and Voter IDs

Today it was reported that the Justice Department ruled against the state of TexASS in their Repiglican led effort to discriminate against individuals, mostly of Hispanic genealogy, who lack the ways and means to pass identification tests. The tests stood in the way of those who would participate in the voting process and were assumed to vote for the Demoncrats. The goal of the Repiglican led legislation was to block the votes of those who would commit voter fraud via impersonation of legitimate voters.


Just as in the year 2000 during the Bush-Gore presidential election, this Repiglican legislation would have prevented millions of voters from participating in the electoral process. However, this time the effort would be to block Hispanics as opposed to Blacks, which was the case in the year 2000. In the New York Times article dated March 12, 2012, Benjamin T. Jealous, head of the NAACP, is quoted as saying it would support hundreds of thousands of Hispanics attempting to exercise their right to vote. Here is  were I have issue with this ‘issue’. Why wasn’t the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund quoted? The NAACP is on record once again in support of non-Black issues were the NAACP was created by all whites and one Black (W.E.B. DuBois), to support Blacks, when has MALDEF come out to support Black issues? Although a Hispanic issue such as this encompasses people such as Filipinos, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans and others (some of whom are certainly Black), where is the MALDEF leadership? Certainly the majority of the Hispanics in TexASS are Mexican, so, where is MALDEF?


Here, Barack Obama (by all appearances, a BLACK MAN), has his administration stake out a position that is supportive of Mexicans, and MALDEF is NO WHERE to be found. What is their response to this issue?


My point is that until there is respect and equanimity between the various groups that are oppressed by the mainstream western European civilization, there can be no mutually effective coalitions.  Reciprocity is the key to equanimity. Until the various oppressed group in America and the world support Black people, the hierarchy of racism will always be re-enforced by coalitions in that the other groups will rise because of Black efforts. Blacks are at the lowest level in this paradigm, so their rising tide will lift all the boats above us, while other groups’ tide will not necessarily raise ours unless specific action mandates it to be so.


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