How Do You Know He’s Lying? ……. His Lips are Moving!

Mitt Romney is lying. Mitt Romney lies again. Mitt Romney is lying about his lies. This is one claim that has been repeated over and over again, Mitt Romney is a liar. An article By David Corn detailing his lies and untruths in Mother Jones  bullets five items debunked by various sources. The economy, Obamacare and cutting Medicare are three of the most prevalent lies. A very interesting video by Rachel Maddow  on Romney and his lying can be found here . Maddow’s bare knuckled approach leaves little room for doubt, excuses or confusion.

Romney and his ilk are at the core of negativity which seeks to further oppress, suppress and repress those innocents who are to be ground into dust while all that is valuable is looted by these criminals. Not satisfied with most of the wealth, they not only seek it all, they also seek to crush the bones, break the spirits and stab the hearts of the masses of people who seek only to have a good life and raise a good family. Only then, can they sit upon their thrones of blood and anguish and proclaim their superiority over all. It’s as if they can sleep well at night only if they know they have contributed to shortened life spans, malnourished children and highly-stressed mindsets of the innocents who hope for nothing more than life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The everyday people have a powerful and immediate weapon today that was never available in the past, social media. Before they silence the masses by restricting access to the internet , use it to message the purveyors and promulgators of the lies and deceit that help to convince people to act against their own best interests. It doesn’t matter if you are hours, days, months or weeks late in contacting them about issues, just send the message. Use your communications to force the media representatives you contact to ask the questions that will expose these lies. Question those very same representatives when they don’t challenge lies when they hear them and when they write about them. Moreover, force those you know to become more informed. As this is the information age, we as the participants in this age must learn to master it and control it. We must learn to acquire information, to understand and analyze information. We must learn to make only informed choices and to develop informed opinions. Then we will not be swayed by specious arguments and can challenge liars like Romney and his supporters where they stand.

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