Trayvon Martin and Blaming the Victim

The makings of a cover up began almost immediately after the death of Trayvon Martin. It first began with the mismanagement of the investigation. There was an immediate presumption of innocence for Zimmerman and an assumption of guilt for Martin. The fact that that tests for drugs and other substances were conducted on Martin and not Zimmerman  also reflects the focus of the investigation being biased against Martin.

Sanford, Fla., Investigator Chris Serino wanted to file manslaughter charges against Zimmerman after the investigation of the incident on the day it occurred but was told not to by Norman Wolfinger, the State Attorney.

It’s not surprising that there was a shoddy and incomplete investigation of the murder of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Fla. The town has a history (as does most of America ) of unconstrained, unchastened violence towards Blacks. The New York Times reports on several instances of anti-black violence. In fact, the current police chief, Ben Lee (who has temporarily stepped down as chief) obtained his job after the former police chief, Brian Tooley, lost the job because of the shoddy investigation of an assault on a Black man by a Sanford police officer’s son. Not too surprising, Norman Wolfinger, the State Attorney who declined to charge Zimmerman is quoted back in 2010 as saying “It depends on what we see once we’re done, but you know the ones that obviously come to light in the video perhaps are battery, things like that, perhaps assault, felony battery…” Once you see the video, once you realize that this guy Wolfinger is still saying we have to see, you will understand that the lack of concern is not too different that the cold, cruel, heartlessness of the wickedly sadistic slaveholders of old.

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  1. By TriangleMan, March 14, 2012 at 12:39 pmWhen I first heard about this incident, the deitlas were vague and my initial thoughts were to shrug and say good riddance to the animals killing each other, because worthless scumbags are USUALLY the ones killing each other around here. Then I found another article that provided more information, and I can’t help but feel sad for this kid and his family.Not enough evidence my ass. The evidence they have is that he didn’t like the LOOK of the teenager when he called police to report a suspicious person. The suspicious part is that he was wearing a hoodie and walking slowly in the rain, and that these assholes always get away in Zimmerman’s words. The evidence they have is that he stalked the kid in his car, got out of his car to confront the kid, chased the kid, got into a fight with the kid, then shot the kid dead. THAT is the evidence they have. If he claims it is in self-defense, that is up to a judge to decide, not the cops. They have proof that he shot someone, they don’t have proof that it was self defense. The self-defense story is what needs to be proven. It’s innocent until proven guilty, and he has been proven guilty of shooting someone. Now is when it’s up to him to prove that the shooting was excusable.I’d bet my next paycheck that if the kid had managed to wrestle the gun away and shoot Zimmerman in self-defense instead, obviously because some crazy redneck twice his size just randomly attacked him, that he’d be behind bars waiting for his trial right now. Then to find out that the cops not only believe the impossible self-defense story purely on trust, this story has me seething. I hope a good attorney takes up an interest in this case and sues the pants off the HOA, the cops, and I hope one of the suspicious assholes Zimmerman misjudged Trayvon to be comes back to deliver sweet justice to him in the night. This guy is obviously just a power-hungry redneck who spends his time looking for any excuse to exert his perceived authority upon others. Somebody do the world a favor and bump him off already.

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