What Do Black People Want?

Why are Black People always complaining? Because a closed mouth doesn’t get fed! If silence is truly the voice of complicity, then for the sake of truth and justice, Black People must never be silent! To be silent would only mean that we agree with the unjust treatment and false characterizations of Black People by mainstream western civilization.

Some may ask, ‘What is it that Black People want?’ In my opinion, we want the freedom to fulfill the potential that we see in ourselves, not the potential assigned to us by mainstream western civilization. We want the freedom to create our own opportunity to become what we envision. The freedom to  fight and struggle against the natural obstacles that all people must face, not the artificial obstacles purposely created to keep us in a political and socioeconomic state of disenfranchisement. Disenfranchisement that exists only to justify the world view of white supremacy, and to maintain the advantages created for white supremacists and their supporters  by the theft and exploitation of Black People, Black creativity and Black labor during the last several centuries.

I feel Black People want freedom from the anxiety and stress experienced just by living in a world pervasive with anti-Black racism. We want to be able to walk the street without fear of attack by those who seek to harm us only because of the color of our skin.  We want to be able to walk the street without fear of attack by police and other political entities which seek to threaten and intimidate us into being silent participants in our own suppression. We want to be able to walk the street without fear of attack by Hollywood and marketing images that seek to marginalize and debase Black men, women, children and our relationships with each other.

It is well know that fear produces either  flight or fight as a response. Since disrespect will always lead to violence, our path is very clear. It is also very clear that there are cycles to political behavior. As the world is embarking upon a new wave of political backlash against injustice, it is only a matter of time before new, more vigorous political groups form to fight for justice and respect. All across the world, people are rising up to fight for justice, and mainstream western civilization needs to take heed because that unrest is manifesting in the United States, the crown of western civilization.  From the Civil War until the present, the issue of Blacks in america has been the spark that has caused drastic and dramatic change in western civilization. It seems that the cycle is returning to the powder keg position. Yet there is still time for western civilization to remove the fuse! Instead of a reactionary response, america  must embark on a new path towards justice and respect for Black People. As Black People are at the bottom of the paradigm of racism, all others will benefit when Black People benefit. Therefore, western civilization must treat Black People with a new-found sense of respect and a cessation of hostilities.  Otherwise, I suspect large numbers of whites and other non-Blacks will join the call to radically re-direct the writing of the next chapter of american history. Give Black People justice. Give Black People respect. Give Black People freedom. The future is watching.

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