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Confederate Flag at the prom

Posted in Race and race related entries on May 1, 2012 by admin

High school prom attendee Texanna Edwards was sent home because she was wearing a confederate flag themed prom dress. The argument goes that even Blacks, such as the two black women mentioned in the article, said they liked the dress and that people had worn confederate themed clothes previously without incident. The school administration countered that there had been racial incidences on campus and that it was a school safety issue. Offers by the administration to allow the student to change and return to the prom were rebuffed. The fact that she was previously warned that it would be a bad idea and that she went through with the idea anyway smacks of a publicity stunt or some other hidden agenda.

The one thing that has always irritated me about the confederate flag thing is that the confederacy lost the war against the United States. Year after year there is some person, place or thing adorned with the symbol of secession and treason to the United States and it is still allowed to flourish.  Even if you don’t share the view that the flag symbolized the desire to continue the sanguinary and horrific chattel slave trade, a particularly barbaric form of human rights violation, it still represents high treason.  The proponents of that defunct and defeated political institution not only advocated armed struggle against the United States, they actively engaged in that struggle for four years. During that time, they captured federal property such as forts and arms, killed federal personnel and entered into agreements with foreign countries to gain support for hostile actions against the United States.  Article 3 of the US Constitution defines treason and empowers congress to assign punishment for treason . Title 18Part IChapter 115 › § 2381 of the United States Code (USC) stipulates anywhere from five years imprisonment to the death penalty and a fine of at least $10,000 for treason. In fact, when the southerners of today proclaim, “The South Shall Rise Again”, they could possibly be in violation of Title 18Part IChapter 115 › § 2385 of the USC. With all the profiling of Muslims and other groups deemed a threat to national security, it is hypocritical and criminal that the confederate flag is seen flown from the statehouse to the outhouse, and everywhere in between.