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Who divided America?

Posted in Race and race related entries on March 7, 2016 by admin

Listening to the repiglicans blame President Obama for making the country so divisive is like watching a heavyweight slug-fest end in an upset…brutal, shocking and unbelievable. Recently, Donald Trump (during a cult of personality rally replete with Nazi salutes) blamed  President Obama for creating hate in the country. Obama didn’t create the hate, the hate was always there, in the hearts of the white supremacists who follow Trump. The indignity felt by these whites at the sight of a Black US President is what has brought the hate to the surface. The whites are mad because a Black man 1) had the audacity to run for President 2) received enough votes to win not once but twice and 3) winning is evidence of the changing demographics of the country. If you want to get right down to it, the white supremacists who seceded from America to establish a slavery based nation are the ones who divided America. The repiglicans and other conservative/confederate/white supremacists are the ones keeping America divided. Their hatred and refusal to acknowledge the humanity of Black people is the deal breaker that keeps America fractured.

Louisana Governer Bobby Jindal also accused  Barack Obama for the rise of Donald Trump. Jindal, an Asiatic Indian, is such a sellout  that his own people have created a hastag, #BobbyJindalissowhite. Indians both in America and India talk about him contemptuously. In reality a large number of opinion writers  blame the repiglicans for the rise of Trump. The racist appeals of the repiglicans to the all white base, the vilification of President Obama for everything from the economy to police officers who have been shot at to unemployment to immigration. The repiglicans have even blamed President Obama for the conservative flag not being removed.

The repiglicans made it their number one priority to cast as divisive and obstruct everything that President Obama sought to do. If anything, Obama tried too hard to reach across the isle to work with repiglicans whose hatred could barely be contained. The hate has been so palpable that one racist could not contain himself and called the President a liar  during a presidential speech to Congress, an unprecedented breach of civility , respect and protocol. Oh, and by the way, although Rep. Wilson was mildly rebuked by Congress, are you surprised he was re-elected to Congress?

The insane arguments the conservatives and repiglicans use to justify their positions reflect the psychosis they collectively suffer with. They twist facts to conform to a racist world view founded on a sense of entitlement born of white supremacy. They devise policies to reinforce and maintain the world view that non-whites (and some poor whites) are here for their benefit and exploitation. The desire to ruthlessly implement these evil policies is paired with the profit motive of predatory capitalism and the greed it engenders. This is why reasoned dialogue with these wicked men and women is impossible. How can you come to a reasoned compromise with individuals that see you only as prey? As Malcolm X once said, you must speak the language these ‘people’ understand. It is the language of force and strength. They will never like you, but they will respect what you can do to them in response to their aggression. Speaking their language, along with the vigilance to not be fooled by clever words and sly gestures are the only way to contain their evil.