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Repiglicans and the Sheet

Posted in Race and race related entries on June 8, 2016 by admin

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One of the main features of the Trump campaign is the level of duplicity and hypocrisy that has been revealed in the great majority of white Americans. While the actual number of white supremacists is probably a minority of whites, the greater majority, who know the minority is wrong, do nothing. At most, they give lip service on their way to meeting them for happy hour. This behavior has been distilled in the reactions to Donald Trump by the repiglicans. Time and time again Republicans of all stripes, all the way up to the repiglican speaker have on one side of their mouths have condemned his actions yet on the other side of their mouths proclaim support for Trump. They remind me of that old Stephen King movie ‘The Stand’ where all of the demon’s lieutenants know the Demon Flag is evil. Nevertheless, they continue on anyway and that is why they were condemned to hell. While some have said the correct thing to do would have been to denounce Trump, the reality is they cannot. The reason they cannot is the Republican establishment has talked in this coded racist language for so long they can’t escape it. Furthermore, I would alleged it is how they really feel. Another reason why they can’t condemn Trump is that by taking the sheet off, the rank-and-file white conservative racist has someone who speaks plainly and in their language. This reveal perplexes the crafty repiglican establishment tool to no end because it shows America what they have been about all along. This reveal is not politically expedient but to deny it would cause them to completely lose all credibility with the very racist they have been courting in secret for decades. This is no more evident than in the political races where repiglicans find themselves being challenged with the threat of loss. They must reach out to the racist base they have always counted on. However, this time they can’t use coded language because Trump has removed the sheet and you must now, as a repiglican, stand up and be seen for who and what you have been for all these years. It hasn’t been very pretty. Republicans like Tom Cole Nikki Haley and John McCain continue to support him despite his racist, misogynist and duplicitous pronouncements and actions. What is so revealing is even Republicans like Kelly Ayotte are doubling down on Trump support despite being in a traditionally Democratic state. It would seem that she would repudiate Trump in a bid to gain votes from the so-called Blue Dog Democrats. She has to tow the party line in order to get the Republican support. So instead of doing what is right, she does what is wrong for the purely self-serving reasons (as most racism reveals itself to be). So now they are running around looking more and more like tools everyday as they attempt to promote what they disapprove of. The key factor is they do it anyway. The fact that they disapprove but still support Trump is a key understanding people must take away from this. Repiglican establishment knows Trump is appealing to the same racists that they appealed to all along.  The problem is that the whites who hid their racism underneath the ‘benefit of the doubt’ cover provided by using coded language is no longer available. One author wrote that Trump’s baggage is now their baggage but he has it backwards. The repiglicans and their racist supporters’ baggage is still their baggage, it’s now just being carried in Donald Trump’s clear plastic bag.