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What Do Black People Want?





Repiglicans and the Sheet
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Lies and the lying liars that tell them. One of the benefits of the Trump campaign is that those who for so many years used coded language and dog-whistles to disguise their racism must come out from under the sheet. Click Here.

Divisions of Race and Politics in America

For years repiglicans have called President Obama divisive and ineffective. Yet there is only one group whose un-American practices include voter suppression and isolating various groups based on race and class distinctions. Click here.


The Candidates and the Court of Legal Opinion.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton leading their respective parties races for the Presidential Nomination. However, it looks like before they stand in front of a judge to sworn in as President, they both will be sworn in as defendants. Click here.


On Racism, Being Black and Being Americans

Africa is our ancestral home…America is hour cultural home. How well we combine these two divergent factions will determine how well we can define who and what we are. Click Here.



Mandatory GPS Is On The Way, Are You Ready?

All over the country there are plans and schemes to charge fees on every mile you travel. They means by which they collect this data, however, is another blow to personal privacy. Click here.


Using Women To Create an Enslaved Underclass

The rights and freedoms of women are being circumscribed by white men who seek to impose their religious beliefs on others in the name of religious freedom. These insidious attacks on equal status in society usually end up in a WTF moment after all your rights are gone or severely restricted. Click here.



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