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Repiglicans and the Sheet

Lies and the lying liars that tell them. One of the benefits of the Trump campaign is that those who for so many years used coded language and dog-whistles to disguise their racism must come out from under the sheet. Click Here.

On Racism, Being Black and Being Americans

Africa is our ancestral home…America is hour cultural home. How well we combine these two divergent factions will determine how well we can define who and what we are. Click Here.


Happy White Peoples’ Independence Day?? What would Frederick Douglass Think?

If you can pull a bandage off an old wound and it hurts, that means it’s still not healed. Apparently, Chris Rock picked at a festering wound on the American body, based on the ‘ouch’ heard cross the nation. Click Here.

John Derbyshire Fired from National Review for Publishing Racist Article

One of the decades most racist authors has been fired for articulating his anti-Black racism. Click Here.

Arrest of two in Racist Tulsa, Oklahoma Shootings

Again two white guys have be arrested as suspects for the murder of innocent Blacks. What’s interesting is what others have to say about it. Click Here.

A Pill to Cure Racism? Really!!?

Has society become so shallow that we are desperate enough to get excited about a pill that cures racism. My question is, would the people who need it be willing to take it? Click Here.

Hate is such a Strong Word

Some people wonder why Blacks are hated by non-Blacks. Centuries ago it was easy to see their jealously of the riches and beauty of Africa. It  was also easy to see that white supremacy justified the sub-human treatment of Africans in the diaspora. How does this relate to the anti-Black racism of today. Click Here.


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