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The Candidates Who Cater To Court…But Not the Way You Think

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I wonder if this is the first time presidential candidates from both parties embroiled in legal battles. A federal judge ruled on Tuesday February 23rd 2016 ┬áthat US State Department officials and aides to Hillary Clinton should be questioned under oath. Clinton has already had to testify before Congress. The question behind this court case is whether Clinton and her staff attempted to circumvent open records laws. While the entire fiasco has been orchestrated by the conservative watchdog group called Judicial Watch it doesn’t negate the fact that there may have been some improprieties.

Although Clinton the Democratic Front Runner is dealing with legal troubles she is not alone. Donald Trump the Republican front runner is being sued in court for fraud related to his trump University. The civil lawsuit alleges deceptive trade practices and that thousands of students were scammed out of their money after being promised they would become rich real estate investors. Trump is expected to spend quite a bit of time in court during the month of May which is a very critical time in the Republican primary race with several primaries and hundreds of delegates at stake.

It’s just very amazing. The two leading candidates for President of the United States are embroiled in legal troubles. It just points to the corruption and deception of this awful system. Legal impropriety and predatory capitalism just oozes out like pus from under a band-aid. The candidates feel they have complete immunity from the legal system that holds everyone else in thrall. The rampant inequality is so appalling that it abrades your skin like a coarse cheese grater. Both Clinton and Trump take the voters for granted; Trump feels he could shoot someone and still get elected. Clinton lines up the Black establishment votes like sheep being led to the slaughter. Blacks are forced into this predicament because we know that the choice for the repiglican is a non-choice; we might as well give the racist the rope and pick a tall tree. The two of them remind me of the plight described by Malcolm X; we must choose either the southern wolf or northern fox. As he stated both are members of the dog family, and either way we end up in the dog house.

It seems to me that the time is coming close where a third political party could become viable. Certainly it could be organized at the regional level and with the Internet it could be organized nationally as well. The so-called rogue campaigns of Bernie Sanders and the Republican front runner Donald Trump demonstrate two things. First the Internet can provide of viable means to finance a national campaign. That was not so clear during the Obama campaign because he received a lot of money from Wall Street financial entities. Never the less he did set the precedent for fundraising via the Internet. The second thing we learn is that the American people are fed up and tired of the status quo. They have been wanting an alternative going all the way back to the campaign of Ross Perot and beyond.